Name Creation and Domain Name Services

Capturing New Business, New Product, and New Company Names

First, we gather information during in-depth conversations with you and through our own targeted industry research and analysis.
Context: We study the environment in which your new name will need to live and prosper. What are the names of your competitors? Do you want to stand out or fit in? Who is the target audience for your new business or product? To what kinds of words or images might they relate best?
Communication Goals: What values do you want your new name to stand for? What feeling or message do you most want your new name to convey? What attribute of your product or service do you want to highlight?
Name Type: Do you want a name that describes exactly what you do or supply? Do you want a name that suggests certain qualities or produces an image in your audience's mind? Do you want a name that is newly invented and has the strength to make it through the trademark process and become a new brand name?

Name Development

Next, we begin the creative process of crafting a collection of outstanding new names just for you. We carefully target the potential names to your specific goals and preferences. We then strengthen the collection by doing preliminary U.S. Trademark screening and a domain name search for each name on our carefully crafted list and toss out the conflicting or clearly unavailable names. We don't waste your time and energy by asking you to read through hundreds of brainstormed words that may or may not be available, like some naming companies. We tell you what we know about the brand name potential and domain name availability up front so you can take this information into consideration and decide what is most important to you when choosing a name. After all your input, our research, and the creative process is completed, you will be presented with 5 to 10 targeted and carefully crafted names from which to choose.

Domain Name Services

The right internet address can be real estate gold. It gives your customers a reliable place to find you, night or day, and a sure way for you to reach new audiences. If the internet domain for a name on the list we create for you has never before been registered, we will purchase and hold it for you so the valuable web address does not suddenly slip away while you are choosing a name. You can also hire us to do an exhaustive internet domain search for names that closely match your current service or business name and then present you with all available options. We can search for and help you acquire internet real estate in your particular industry or category so you can better control your corner of the internet market. We offer a searchable collection of handcrafted domain names for sale. You will find many potential company names, business names, and product names as well as category descriptions for some industries. You may even find a new brand name or new company slogan with a ".com" address.

About Us

Named Well is based in California. Combined staff credentials include a Stanford degree with concentration in Language and Communication; an MD degree with ten years hospital practice; corporate and small business experience in the fashion, hospitality, green building, environmental health, competitive dance, and agricultural industries; and extensive international travel and language expertise. Named Well's extended network includes professionals holding advanced degrees in law, linguistics, education, political science, business, and engineering. Contact us for more information about recent naming projects.